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Fiddling in Many Styles

I am a fiddler in Ithaca, New York, specializing in the traditional dance music of Europe and North America. I also play Hardanger fiddle and nyckelharpa.

What's New?

Lyme disease is unfortunately still limiting how much music work I can do these days. I improved for awhile in 2015 and had a fantastic summer trip to Scandinavia; here’s my photo diary. I recorded a lot of lovely tracks for my next two CDs (#4 & 5 of the Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition series) with Mattias Hammarsten, Gerd Stenlid, Stefhan Ohlström and Bob Mills, and have some solo hardingfele (Hardanger fiddle) recording left to do. The finished products will be delayed until the Lyme improves again.

My Performance and workshop schedule will resume when I’m healthier. You can still study fiddle, nyckelharpa and Hardanger Fiddle with me privately. I’ve just started giving Skype lessons too (or FaceTime), most appropriate for advanced students.

The tunebooks of my Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition series are still a long way from publication, but if you are longing for sheet music for a tune or two from the first 3 CDs of the series, just contact me and I will send it to you.

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