Alizé is a trio based in Ithaca, New York. They play the traditional music of Brittany (the Celtic region of France) and Central France, and sing in both Breton and French. They released a CD in 2007, Le Canard perdu. From driving dance tunes and sweet airs to songs poignant or humorous, Alizé brings the centuries-old traditions of France to life, occasionally tossing an Italian tarantella or Spanish waltz into the mix. Alizé is available to play for concerts, contradances, Breton chain dances, bourrées and other couple dances.
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“I’d never listened to traditional Breton Music until I happened to attend a concert by Alizé. One can hear the similarities to traditional Celtic (Irish and Scottish) music, but Breton music has a unique lilt of its own that I find captivating. Both in the concert and this recording, Alizé achieves a gentler sound than other Breton groups by avoiding the more strident traditional instruments such as the bombarde (a sort of nuclear-force oboe) and the biniou bihan (Breton bagpipes), instead relying mainly on the fiddle, classical flute, and guitar. But what makes Alizé stand head and shoulders above others is the accomplished musicality of their arrangements and their performance. Listening to them is a joy.” --Jim Murphy
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