Bach Double Violin Concerto

Fiddler Judy Hyman of the Horseflies and I play the entire Bach Double Violin Concerto, accompanied by the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival Orchestra conducted by Cayenna Ponchione in 2009. It is our dress rehearsal so you can hear Cayenna saying a few words very occasionally. Judy plays Violin 1 and I play Violin 2, which is more often the lower part, though the two parts cross back and forth as well. We were influenced in our interpretation and tempos by baroque violinists Sonya Monosoff and Rachel Podger, as well as by years of playing fiddle for dancers. The three movements are marked Vivace, Allegro ma non tanto and Allegro. (13 min.) Listen

"...a thrilling rendition by local fiddle masters Judy Hyman and Laurie Hart" -- Cayenna Ponchione

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