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Waltz, Polka, Schottische, Hambo, Mazurka,
volume 3 of the Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition series:
The newest CD, 27 gammaldans tunes from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark with Laurie (fiddle, nyckelharpa, Hardanger fiddle), Stefhan Ohlström (fiddle, viola, nyckelharpa), and Andrew VanNorstrand (guitar). All instrumental. 2012. CD008 $15
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Polska in Uppland & Southern Sweden,
volume 2 of the Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition series:
27 polskas with Laurie (fiddle, nyckelharpa, hurdy-gurdy), Stefhan Ohlström (fiddle, viola), Andrew VanNorstrand (guitar, bouzouki) and guest Harald Pettersson (hurdy-gurdy). All instrumental. 2011. CD007 $15
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Polska in Dalarna & Northern Sweden,
volume 1 of the Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition series:
With Laurie (fiddle, nyckelharpa) and Stefhan Ohlström (fiddle, viola). 27 polskas in glorious harmony, all instrumental. 2010. CD006 $15
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Instructional Version of Vol. 1: The same album but with foot-tapping so you can find the tricky polska beat, Stefhan announcing the titles in Swedish, and melody and harmony in separate channels for music-minus-one practice.
What you receive is a download sticker, a full-size image of the CD cover with a code on the back for downloading the recording in high-quality from The sticker can be affixed to the CD box or envelope when you burn your own CD. Liner notes are available here. If you prefer not to download it, I’ll mail you a home-copied CD. 2010. DS006 $10 (if also buying vol. 1 CD, sticker is only $5)
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Poster of my instruments: 11” x 17” Hardanger fiddle, nyckelharpa, fiddle and hurdy-gurdy. Free with $15 purchase from my catalogue, otherwise PR006 $5
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Le Canard Perdu, by Alizé: With Laurie (fiddle, nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy), Gordon Bonnet (flutes, percussion, vocals), Julia Lapp (guitar, percussion, vocals). Tunes from Brittany (the Celtic region of France) & central France, with songs in French & Breton. 2007. CD005 $15
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Cobbler’s Dream (Le Rêve du cordonnier): With Laurie (fiddle, nyckelharpa, Hardanger fiddle) and Paul Marchand, one of Québec’s premier guitarists and traditional singers, a mix of French, Québécois, Irish & Scandinavian music, including songs in French and Québec-style foot-tapping. 2005. CD004 $15
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Danse ce soir! Tunebook: Fiddle & accordion music of Québec, with extensive background information, maps, photos, and chords. The book has 122 reels, 6/8s & waltzes, including all the tunes on the CD. My co-author is pianist Greg Sandell. 2001. Available thru Mel Bay Publications only, as either paper book or E-Book (digital download)
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Danse ce soir! CD Fiddle & accordion music of Québec. 32 reels, 6/8s & waltzes, with Laurie (fiddle), Greg Sandell (piano), Paul Marchand (guitar), Stéphane Landry (accordion). Joyful & lively, all instrumental. 2000. CD003 $15
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Fiddlespel: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish & Danish dance tunes with lush fiddle harmonies, all instrumental. With Laurie (fiddle, nyckelharpa, Hardanger fiddle), Sarah Cummings (fiddle) and guests Mia Boynton (brac, guitar) and John White (piano, pump organ).
Liner notes are available here. 1999. CD002 $15
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Gravity Hill: Gems from the Celtic lands & beyond. Irish, Scottish, Québécois, Balkan. Laurie (fiddle) with well-known Santa Cruz fingerstyle guitarist William Coulter, all instrumental. 1992. CD001 $15
I also appear as a guest musician on these CDs.


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