Contradictions Tech Needs

Looking at the stage from the dance floor or audience, we set up in an arc so we can see each other, like this from left to right:

Caller Vikki Armstrong: “I need a vocal mic, preferably wireless.  It is also nice to have a monitor though not necessary.  The bigger & boomier the room the better it is to have.  Typically my monitor would be a separate thing;  ie. my voice only, and my voice would be left out of the band's monitors. If I am teaching partner dances, I also require a handsfree wireless microphone headset.” If there is no stage, Vikki likes to be up on a platform of some sort so she can see the dancers better. If there is a stage, there should be quick access down to the dance floor for her.

Fiddler Laurie Hart: “I need an XLR cable for fiddle clip-on mic which I provide (it does not require phantom power), and in a concert setting I'd also need a vocal mic so I can announce tunes (this I could maybe share with Rick).”

Fiddler/Mandolinist Rick Manning: “I need an instrument mic for mandolin and an XLR cable for fiddle clip-on mic which I provide (or a DI for fiddle pickup if needed), and a vocal mic in concert setting.”

Guitarist Tom Hodgson: XLR cable for guitar DI plus an instrument mic for guitar.

Bassist/vocalist Dave Davies: XLR direct out from bass amp, vocal mic.

Also, we appreciate 5 armless straight-backed chairs, though we mostly play standing. For dances, the band’s monitors should not include the caller.