The Contradictions is a contradance and couple-dance quartet based in Ithaca NY. We've offered an eclectic mix of fiddle tunes and songs from American and European traditions to dancers and listeners since 1990. Our repertoire ranges from lively Irish jigs, New England double fiddling and French Canadian reels to enchanting Venezuelan waltzes, slick bluegrass fiddle breaks and 1930s hot swing standards, all designed to get your hands clapping and feet dancing. We come from very different musical traditions, and have taught each other a lot over the years. And every now and then we’re asked to do something we'd never done before, like a Greek wedding, and a whole new repertoire is added. (Also check out Dave’s Contradictions webpage.)
We provide music for many kinds of dancing:
  • contradances
  • square dances, singing squares
  • swing dances
  • English country dances
  • waltz, tango, Texas two-step, ballroom
  • step dancing (clogging, Irish, French Canadian)
  • many other traditions (Latin, Greek, Jewish, Scandinavian...)
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This clip is from our July 2007 Cornell Summer Concert. Included are excerpts of seven different tunes:
0:00 East Tennessee Blues
1:45 Over the Top
2:53 L'Infidèle
4:35 Reel de Jos Cormier
6:09 Maiden's Prayer
7:51 Wagoner
8:54 When Love Comes to Call (song)
Videography by Al Grunwell, editing by Laurie Hart.
This clip is from our February 2011 Hands Four contradance in Ithaca. Vikki Armstrong is calling. As Tom couldn't make it, Harry Aceto is playing bass, and Dave has switched over to guitar.
The tunes are:
0:00 John Brain's Reel (also known as Brumley Brae)
3:17 Catharsis Reel
7:08 Reconciliation Reel
Thanks to Ben Werner for taking and posting this video.