Gravity Hill

"In all, this is an excellent recording full of sensitive playing and fine tunes" - Steve Winick, Dirty Linen review

"We think it's terrific. . . few other recordings of Celtic music are this good or this interesting. The harmonies are soaring and pure. The selections are delightful danceable melodies from all over the world - including several compositions by Ithaca musicians. The collection includes only one O'Carolan chestnut, but it shimmers like an old friend at a gathering of new all works beautifully - we listened to it three times in a row and look forward to hearing it again." - Ithaca Times review

"This recording captures the magical ensemble work of a talented duo. Laurie Hart is considered to be the premier dance musician in Western New York... In this recording, their creativity and virtuosity really shines." - Mitzie Collins of Sampler Records

“...a stunning work of duets with guitarist William Coulter, himself a Grammy winner and music teacher at the University of California.  The style is Celtic but the arrangements are wonderfully original.  Should be in your collection.” -- Harvey Nusbaum, guitarist

Annotated Track List

1. Musical Priest / Feisty Fairy / Moth in the Lantern
A traditional Irish reel and two New York State tunes, a jig by Mark Cushing and a jig by Arbo Doughty

2. Le Bal des Accordéons / Carnaval
A waltz by Lisa Ornstein and Yvan Brault, and a trad. québécois reel from Jos Bouchard

3. Sí bheag Sí mhor
By Turlough O'Carolan of Ireland

4. My Donal / Stirling Castle / Chanter's Tune / Lads of Laois
A Scottish song from Alannah Fitzgerald, a Scottish strathspey, an Irish march and an Irish reel, all trad.

5. Music for a Found Harmonium / Trip to Ballyshannon / The Four-mile Post / Dinky's
Four reels, by Simon Jeffes of England, Alasdair Fraser of Scotland, trad. Irish from Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, and trad. Irish

6. The Butterfly
Trad. Irish slip jig, arr. Orison

7. Song for Chance

By William Coulter

8. Reel en Sol / La Gigue du Grand Slaque
Two trad. Québec reels, from André Alain and Eritage

9. Bulgarian Highlife / Behind the Gardens - Behind the Wall - Under the Tree / Kopanica
The first is by Seth Austen of Virginia, the second by Andreas Vollenweider of Switzerland, and the third a trad. Macedonian dance tune, from Medna Usta.

Total time: 45:30

Special thanks to Will, Susan, Dave, Brian, Guy Garnett and the musicians who played with us.