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“This duo has been working in harmony for a long time, and their CD [Cobbler's Dream] will transport you from one musical universe to another thanks to their passion.”--Guy Bouchard, Thirty Below CD catalogue
Paul Marchand is one of the premier guitarists and singers in the Québec folk scene. As a member of Trio Stéphanie Gagnon, Entourloupe, Manigance and other groups, Paul has performed all over North America and Europe and recorded many fine albums. Gifted with a sure sense of rhythm and a clear, strong voice, he has collaborated with a huge number of traditional musicians from Québec and France. His two-year stay in Brittany gave him the chance to make contact with a song culture not so far removed from his own in Québec. He is an exceptional guitarist who, through his accompaniment, arrangements, and songs, knows how to bring out all the subtlety and sensitivity of the traditional repertoire.