Hart, Ball, & Lester

Laurie Hart
- fiddle
Autumn Rose Lester - fiddle
Tim Ball -

a Contradance, English country dance and Couples Dance band based in central New York State.

I haven't had a chance to create a proper webpage or bio for this new band, so I'm sharing here text kindly written by Syracuse dance caller and fan David Smukler:

Laurie is a consummate musician who has played fiddle in many bands over the years, including the Contradictions, and collaborated with many of the greats of various traditions. She has recorded extensively and published fiddle music as well. Her contra dance playing is influenced by her depth of experience with Québécois, Scandinavian and other styles.

Autumn Rose grew up dancing and playing fiddle. Her playing is joyful and exuberant. It is a joy to watch her dance, play and (recently) corral the kids in the Groovemama band at the Old Songs Festival this past spring.
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Tim, although a fantastic fiddler with such bands as Tunescape and Tempest, is also a dynamite guitar player. Although pictured with a fiddle below, Tim will be playing guitar with this trio. Tim recently completed a recording project with Sophie Orzechowski where they took turns playing all sorts of things.
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These are three highly compatible musicians. All three are violinists as well as fiddlers, all three teach fiddle, all play multiple traditional styles, and all are outstanding musicians.

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