My Research and Writings


I am working on a five-volume series of tunebooks and CDs of traditional fiddle, nyckelharpa and Hardanger fiddle music of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark called Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition. I was the recipient of a 2002 Fulbright Award to study the music and dance of Norway and Sweden, with additional trips to Scandinavia to teach, perform and research in 2005 (with support from the American-Scandinavian Foundation) and 2007. I wrote articles about Norwegian fiddling in 4 issues of Fiddler Magazine in 2003-05, and in Soundpost (the journal of the Hardanger Fiddle Association of America) in 2004-05.


Years of research and collecting starting in the late 1980s resulted in Danse ce soir!, a tunebook published by Mel Bay in 2001, with accompanying CD. I also wrote about Québec fiddling in Fiddler Magazine in Spring 1998. Many people have asked if there will ever be a second volume of the tunebook: I think not, but I am considering recording more of the tunes with guitarist Paul Marchand. If you have any favorites from my book which did not make it onto the first CD, let me know!

Brittany and Central France

I travelled across France to Brittany in 2007 and am actively researching and performing this beautiful dance music along with my band Alizé. I am starting to teach some simple Breton dances as well. Maybe it will lead to another book some day!