The Series

My project Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition will eventually consist of 5 CDs and 5 tunebooks of the traditional dance music of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, with its beautiful harmonies and compelling rhythms.

I am setting out to create the resources I wish I had had when I began learning to play and dance to Scandinavian music in the mid-1980s. The books will have extensive background information, maps, style tips, tempos, photographs, history and musical analysis, and all the tunes a dance musician needs to play for beginner or advanced Scandinavian dancers anywhere in the world.

What's New?

CDs 1,2 & 3 are now for sale, including the instructional version of CD1. CD #2 and 3's instructional versions are available informally if you contact me. And I have already recorded about half of CD #4, and most of CD #5 but the project is on hold as I struggle with Lyme disease. Wish me well and look for these CDs and the tunebooks for each CD in the coming years.
Polska in Dalarna & Northern Sweden, with special emphasis on unique polska rhythms and fiddle harmonies. CD released 2010.
Polska in Uppland & Southern Sweden, with special emphasis on nyckelharpa and slängpolska. CD released 2011.

The Musicians

Laurie Hart - melody fiddle, nyckelharpa, Hardanger fiddle, hurdy-gurdy

Stefhan Ohlström, Riksspelman (Swedish Fiddler of the Realm) - harmony fiddle, viola, nyckelharpa

Andrew VanNorstrand - guitar, bouzouki, starting with vol. 2

and special guest Harald Pettersson - hurdy-gurdy (vevlira) on vols. 2&5
The cover photos for the series were taken in a covered bridge built in 1853 in Newfield in central New York State, next to the converted church that is our recording studio, and half a block from the graphic design studio we are using for this project. The instruments shown, Hardanger fiddle, nyckelharpa, regular fiddles, hurdy-gurdy and viola, differ from volume to volume. The birch branch is a traditional decoration at the Swedish mid-summer holiday. Concept by Laurie Hart, photos by Stefhan Ohlström, graphic design by Barbara Tefft. The design at the top of the page is an 11 x 17 inch poster, which is free on request with any CD purchase from my catalogue.

Instructional version

We have created a remix of the first CD with foot-tapping, announced titles, and harmony in a separate channel. If you find this useful (described fully here), let me know and we can continue to create these for the other volumes.

Would you like to... notified of future releases by email? us to play at your event or teach a workshop?
...make suggestions for which dances go with which of the CDs’ tunes?

In that case, please contact me.
Waltz, Polka, Schottische, Hambo, Mazurka: Gammaldans tunes from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, with special emphasis on the history of dance music. CD released June 2012.
Scandinavian Marches, Figure Dances and More (including Långdans, Danish Sønderhoning, Swedish Halling and Christmas & Midsummer Songs, Finnish Polska & Humppa) with special emphasis on medieval dance music & instruments, and on Danish and Finnish traditions.
Norwegian Village Dance (Bygdedans): Springar, Gangar, Rudl, Halling, Pols and Springleik, with special emphasis on Hardanger fiddle and Norwegian dance rhythms.