Sheet Music

This is the place I post tunes for classes I'm teaching and other events you can participate in.

Ithaca Festival Parade

For many years Sarah Cummings and I organized a fiddle parade as part of the Ithaca Festival. For those of you who haven't experienced Fiddlespel at the parade, we play traditional Scandinavian processional tunes in glorious multiple part harmonies. Did we mention the walking bass? Tunes in 2014 were as follows:

Äppelbo Gånglåt (walking tune from Äppelbo) in G Major
Two-row bridemarch in D Major
Gift-Giving tune from Orsa in D minor
Gånglåt från Vigelsjö (Vigel Lake Walking Tune) in G Major
Vandring i Världen (Wandering in the World) in D Major

These tunes are appropriate for Suzuki book 3 level and up. Click on the title above for sheet music, and look here for audio recordings, both full speed and slower for learning.

2014 info:
Rehearsals will be on Sunday May 25 at 3:00 p.m. and on Wednesday May 28 at 6:00 p.m., both at the Park Road cul-de-sac near the waterfront trail/Cass Park. There, we can practice marching in peace and also will have the chance for cover if the weather is inclement (at Cass Park Pavilion).

We need you! Melody playing instruments, especially (but not exclusively) fiddles, also guitars and bass are welcome. We also need some non-playing volunteers to help pull garden carts, carry our beautiful banner, and carry the bass so invite your family and friends to join us. The more, the merrier!

There is a $25 charge for us to participate in the parade which we easily covered last year by passing the hat at rehearsals.

This is a really enjoyable community event. Think about walking down the street playing your fiddle while the crowds cheer you on! Please consider joining us even if you haven't in the past--you will never know how much fun it is until you try it! Let Sarah know if you plan to participate by sending an email to srcummings[at]twcny[dot]rr[dot]com. Feel free to forward this on to anyone else (friends, students, neighbors etc.) you think might be interested.

Ithaca College Suzuki Institute

Since 1998, I have taught Fiddling as an enrichment class at this Institute, and hope to be back in 2015. The following are tunes we played in 2012. Our theme was the music of Québec. This is old info from that class, but the tunes are still there, so feel free to print the sheet music and listen to the podcast.

Sheet music for extra tunes for the Friday evening dance party:
Mostly we will play tunes the kids have learned during the week, but in addition some kids will play some or all of the following 7 tunes. These are tunes some kids already know, so I won’t be teaching them from scratch during the class, just reviewing them for those who know them or would like to learn them on their own. See the podcast section of my site for recordings of these tunes. Click on the tune titles below to download .pdf files and print the sheet music:

Reel du Grandpère
GaspeĢ Reel
Growling and Grumbling
Jump at the Sun
Haste to the Wedding
Indian Point