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Reviews of My Teaching

from Fiddle Hell workshop weekend in Massachusetts November 2014, where I taught classes in Irish, Québec, New England Contradance, Swedish, Venezuelan and Breton fiddle music. "Which teachers or sessions stood out as particularly helpful and enjoyable? Why?"
* Loved Laurie's session on Polskas.
* I had never taken a workshop with Laurie, and she is an incredibly organized, clear teacher.
* Laurie was good at handling the wide range of abilities in her classes.
* Laurie Hart - I like her playing and teaching style.
* Laurie - skillful, smart, good teaching. Laurie's "master class" class was great. Classes that addressed bowing technique were very helpful for where I'm at in my playing.
* Eric Favreau, Laurie Hart, Jenna Moynihan, and Adrianna Ciccone. They are excellent teachers and seem to catch on quickly as to how the students are doing.
* Laurie was marvelous.
* Laurie Hart and Clayton Marsh, because they taught bowing and style as well as the tune.
* Laurie Hart, Darol Anger, Matt Glaser; Lots of information, technique, interesting teaching, lively time.
* David Reiner, Shana Aisenberg, Andy Reiner, Laurie Hart and Mark Simos were all excellent teachers. They kept on task and did their best to make sure the students took something away from their class. Each obviously gave thought and planning to their workshops.
* Laurie Hart- an incredible artist and teacher!
* I loved Laurie and her Swedish workshop. She is the best - kind and friendly, and didn't dumb down the session - we had to keep up with her.
* Ellen and Laurie in particular were great about keeping the pace, hints, etc. to the advertised level while also throwing out challenges to more advanced players who happened to be attending.
* Laurie's session on Petronella was especially good because she incorporated strategies on learning by ear as she went.
* Laurie Hart was great too. She taught us a pretty Swedish tune and gave lots of helpful tips.

Adult students in Swedish classes 2006-08

“Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement... I loved our tunes!! You are a really fun person, and I love learning tunes from you and also all your good tips for playing better.” -- MaryBeth, adult student from Ashokan Northern Week 2008

“...a fabulous, expert teacher.” -- Janet

“I am so enthused after the last class... it fulfilled a desire in me I've had forever, it was the most fun I've ever had fiddling. I'd been feeling that I never progress. Then, we learned the last tune. First, I discovered that I CAN learn it, THEN, I learned the harmony, playing some new notes I've never even played before, and with relative ease! It was so encouraging for me to realize I have progressed... I feel so excited to keep on going! Thank you for being such a patient and welcoming teacher. Your willingness to carry students who are inexperienced with no judgment has provided me a way to ease in and begin to build some confidence. I am truly grateful.” And a year later, “I really admire how gracefully you handle so many varied and sometimes difficult personalities. Every time we are together I feel that I learn something new, and often beyond the realm of music. I think you are a wonderful teacher and that your music is really only a part of what you offer. It's a joy to work, and learn, with you.” --Regina

“I recommended you [to Jay Ungar for teaching staff at Ashokan fiddle camp] because you're good! and organized and teach well, and you can balance different levels well.” --Debbie

“Thanks for your wonderful lessons. When you start playing a harmony to our fledging melodies, I feel like I could fly off the earth! You are so patient and talented.” --Jeane

Parents and kids at Ithaca College Suzuki Institute, 2001

"Laurie's class opens up a whole new world of music to her students."

"She has a very gentle way of teaching children and making learning fun. Her expertise on the violin, and especially in fiddling, was enjoyable to watch. It was my daughter's favorite class at the Institute."

"I can tell she enjoys teaching and the children. Her warmth penetrates the class and the hearts of the learners and listeners alike. She leaves no child behind, always checking each individually and offering soft encouragement and acceptance of each child's ability."

"I found your style very refreshing. You had a very diverse group ability-wise and found a way to engage everybody."

"I think your class helps a great deal with ear-training as well as good bow control. Matthew wants to play his fiddle songs at the beginning of every practice session."

"This class is what most excited my teenage son and helps to keep him involved with playing."

"Your teaching technique works! We get it, it's fast, it's interesting, it's fun and it sticks!"