Waltz, Polka, Schottis, Hambo, Mazurka

The third in my Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition series, this CD features 27 gammaldans tunes from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Ideal for dancing, listening and tune-learning, the rich harmonies range from traditional to jazzy, and the arrangements from charming to driving.

Gammaldans, literally old dance, refers to four pan-European, turning couple-dances, waltz, polka, schottis, and mazurka, plus hambo which is Sweden's national dance. Hambo is a type of polska, but in general gammaldans tunes and dance steps, despite the name, are actually newer than polska tunes and dance steps (covered in the first and second volumes of the series). Snoa is also considered a type of gammaldans, but it is danced to marches, which will be included on the fifth volume. Gammaldans is also called runddans (round dance) in Norway.

Laurie Hart
melody fiddle, nyckelharpa,
Hardanger fiddle

Stefhan Ohlström
harmony fiddle, viola, nyckelharpa

Andrew VanNorstrand

Produced by Laurie Hart
Recorded by Will Russell at
Electric Wilburland Studio, Newfield NY in 2011-12
Stefhan Ohlstöm, photography
Barbara Tefft, graphic design

Annotated Track List

1. Springvals efter Viksta-Lasse från Uppland (Sweden) - fiddle/fiddle

2. Sirkkojen Tanssi (Cricket Dance, Syrsornas Dans in Swedish) from Finland but learned via Swedish group J.P. Nyströms - fiddle/guitar

3. Den Gammel Hans Vals (Old Hans’ Waltz) efter Tinus brødrene (the Tinus brothers), from the book about Hans Tinus from Oksbøl, Sydvest Jylland (Southwest Jutland, Denmark) - fiddle/guitar

4. Polkett efter August Bohlin från Uppland. Also a favorite of Stefhan’s father Holger Ohlström. (Sweden) - fiddle/fiddle

5. Fantevalsen (Gypsy Waltz) etter Vidar Lande (Norway) - Hardanger fiddle (BEBF# tuning)

6. Mazurka efter Daniel Nilsson från Sunne, Värmland (Sweden) - fiddle/fiddle

7. Ellin Polkka (Finland) - fiddle/guitar

8. Vals efter Hultkläppen från Bergsjö, Hälsingland (Sweden) - fiddle/fiddle

9. Luffarschottis (hobo schottische) efter Luffarkapellet Träsleven and efter Bo Larsson från Uppland (Sweden) - nyckelharpa/guitar

10. Polska efter Ljuder Anders Ersson från Mora, Dalarna (hambo) (Sweden) - fiddle/fiddle

11. Maries Hopsa efter Søren Christensen (Denmark) - fiddle/guitar

12. Vals efter Gössa Anders den äldre (the elder) från Orsa, Dalarna (Sweden) - fiddle/fiddle

13. Adam uti Paradis (Adam in the Garden of Eden) etter Ånon Egeland (reinlender) (Norway) - Hardanger fiddle (BEBF# tuning)

14. Masurka etter Ole Langmoen (1897-1979, accordionist) fra Løten, Hedmark (Norway) - fiddle/guitar

15. Knapsauspolkka (pizzicato polka), Vetelistä Keski-Pohjanmaalta (from Veteli, Central Ostrobothnia, Finland), Sulo Tikkakosken mukaan (after Sulo Tikkakoski). Also called Otto-Polka after Otto Hotakainen. - fiddle/fiddle

16. Kärleksvals (Love Waltz) efter Anders Sahlström från Uppland. Also a favorite of Stefhan’s father Holger Ohlström. (Sweden) - nyckelharpa/nyckelharpa

17. Östgöta-hambo efter Nisse Lind (1904-1941) and Calle Jularbo (1893-1966). Both were accordionists. - fiddle/guitar

18. Penttis Schottis från Norrbotten efter J.P. Nyströms (a Northern Swedish gammaldans orchestra active from the 1970s to today) (Sweden) - fiddle/fiddle

19. Ålborg polka efter Thomas Thomsen fra Holstebro, Midt Jylland (Central Jutland, Denmark) fiddle/guitar

20. Reinlender etter Tor Homleid fra Drangedal, Telemark, and etter Ånon Egeland (Norway) - Hardanger fiddle (BF#BF# tuning)

21. Vals efter Börjes Olle från Rättvik, Dalarna, also called Gamlän (the old one?) från Enviken, Dalarna efter Petters Erik (1889-1976) (Sweden) - fiddle/guitar

22. Schottis efter Ryman från Stugun, Jämtland (Sweden) - fiddle/viola

23. Vals efter Kalle Karlsson (Karl Gustaf Karlsson (1864-1923) från Lappträsk, Nyland, (Finland). He had a lot of old vals tunes on his repertoire and was recorded on phonograph in the early 1900 by folkmusic researcher Otto Andersson. - fiddle/guitar

24. Polska från Hållnäs, Uppland efter Ceylon Wallin (hambo) (Sweden) - nyckelharpa/nyckelharpa

25. Galopp etter Hilmar Alexandersen fra Steinkjer, Trøndelag, also called Skotsk etter Knut Kjøk (Norway) - fiddle/guitar

26. Schottis efter Böl-Olle (Tros Olof Olsson?) från Malung, Dalarna (Sweden) - nyckelharpa/guitar

27. Vals efter Anders Wedlund från Jämtland (Sweden) - fiddle/fiddle
reinlender-etter-tor-homleidClick on the triangle above to hear 4 short excerpts from the CD.
Laurie Hart plays 3 solos on Hardanger fiddle, a dozen duos with Stefhan Ohlström, and another dozen with Andrew VanNorstrand.