Gravity Hill

Laurie Hart & William Coulter

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Instrumental arrangements of tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Québec, USA, Switzerland and Macedonia. Laurie Hart (fiddle) with Santa Cruz finger-style guitarist William Coulter, back when he lived in Ithaca, New York. 1992.

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Bill with Susan Bruckner

Laurie with Greg Sandell

Notes on the music 

1. Musical Priest / Feisty Fairy / Moth in the Lantern: A traditional Irish reel and two New York State tunes, a jig by Mark Cushing and a jig by Arbo Doughty 

2. Le Bal des Accordéons  / Carnaval: A waltz by Lisa Ornstein and Yvan Brault, and a trad. québécois reel from Jos Bouchard 

3. Sí bheag Sí mhor: By Turlough O'Carolan of Ireland 

4. My Donal / Stirling  Castle / Chanter's Tune / Lads of Laois: A Scottish song from Alannah Fitzgerald, a Scottish strathspey, an Irish march and an Irish reel, all trad. 

5. Music for a Found Harmonium  / Trip to Ballyshannon / The Four-mile Post / Dinky's: Four reels, by Simon Jeffes of England, Alasdair Fraser of Scotland, trad. Irish from Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, and by Dinky Dorrian of Ireland 

6. The Butterfly: Trad. Irish slip jig, arr. Coulter and his group Orison 

7. Song for Chance: By William Coulter 

8. Reel en Sol / La Gigue du Grand Slaque: Two trad. Québec reels, from André Alain and Eritage 

9. Bulgarian Highlife  / Behind the Gardens - Behind the Wall - Under the Tree / Kopanica: The first is by Shana Aisenberg of Vermont, the second by Andreas Vollenweider of Switzerland, and the third a trad. Macedonian dance tune, from Medna Usta. 

Total time: 45:30 

Special thanks to Will, Susan, Dave, Brian, Guy Garnett and the musicians who played with us.

Peter Chwazik

William Coulter (Bill) & Laurie Hart

About the album

Laurie Hart (fiddle)

William Coulter (guitar) is an internationally acclaimed, Grammy award winning master of the steel-string guitar. Coulter has been Music Director for Tomaseen Foley’s A Celtic Christmas since 1998, and has performed with the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, Apollo’s Fire and many other ensembles. Collaborations have been a mainstay of his career including tours and recordings with Gourd Music artists Neal Hellman and Barry and Shelley Phillips; classical guitar virtuoso Benjamin Verdery, and Irish flute wizard Brian Finnegan. Coulter teaches classical guitar at UC Santa Cruz and at many summer camps and festivals.


with special guests: 

Susan Bruckner, piano on Song for Chance 
Greg Sandell, piano on Carnaval 
Peter Chwazik, fretless electric bass 
Ted Crane, bodhrán, spoons, ash tree 
Michael Markus, congas, timbales, tambourine 
Arbo Doughty, Irish whistle 

Produced by William Coulter & Laurie Hart 
Recorded by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland back when it was on Fulton St. in Ithaca NY 
Mastered by Reiner Gembalczyk at Sienna Digital 
Released on cassette 1992, CD 1996
Photos by William Coulter, Dave Nutter & Brian Makepeace