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Danse ce soir! CD (2000), with Laurie Hart, Greg Sandell, Stéphane Landry, Paul Marchand and special guests. Fiddle & accordion music of Québec with guitar/piano accompaniment. 32 reels, 6/8s (jigs) & waltzes. Joyful & lively, all instrumental

Danse ce soir! Tunebook (2001) 122 traditional & composed tunes from Québec, companion to CD, co-authors Laurie Hart & Greg Sandell

Cobbler's Dream / Le Rêve du Cordonnier (2005) Traditional French, Irish, Scandinavian and Québec fiddle tunes, and four songs in French. Laurie Hart (fiddle, Hardanger fiddle/hardingfele, nyckelharpa), Paul Marchand (guitar, vocals, podorythmie/foot percussion)

Alizé: Le Canard perdu (2008) Laurie Hart (fiddle, nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy), Gordon Bonnet (flutes, percussion, vocals) & Julia Lapp (guitar, percussion, vocals), and special guests. Tunes from Brittany (the Celtic region of France) & central France, with 4 songs in French & Breton

Gravity Hill (1992) Instrumental arrangements of tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Québec, USA, Switzerland and Macedonia. Laurie Hart (fiddle) with Santa Cruz finger-style guitarist William Coulter, and special guests

Fiddlespel (2000) Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish & Danish dance tunes with lush fiddle harmonies, all instrumental. Laurie Hart (fiddle, nyckelharpa, Hardanger fiddle), Sarah Cummings (fiddle) with Mia Boynton (brač, guitar) and John White (piano, pump organ/harmonium)

Polska in Dalarna & Northern Sweden (2010) Volume 1 of the Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition series, Laurie Hart (fiddle, nyckelharpa) and Stefhan Ohlström (fiddle, viola). 27 polskas in glorious harmony, all instrumental. Polska is a traditional couple dance in 3/4 time.

Polska in Uppland & Southern Sweden (2011) Volume 2 of the Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition series: 27 polskas with Laurie Hart (fiddle, nyckelharpa, hurdy-gurdy), Stefhan Ohlström (fiddle, viola), Andrew VanNorstrand (guitar, bouzouki) and guest Harald Pettersson (hurdy-gurdy). All instrumental.