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Click on orange arrow below to hear what hardingfele sounds like.

Click on orange arrow below to hear what hardingfele sounds like.

About Hardingfele Club  

We are a small group that meets once a week over zoom, and occasionally in person, to review our large repertoire and talk about Norwegian music/dance and all things hardingfele (Hardanger fiddle).  We play Norwegian tunes on regular fiddle as well.  We welcome new members, ideally people who are my students but not necessarily, who are fairly advanced on hardingfele, or at least on violin/fiddle, possess a playable hardingfele, and who have a bunch of Norwegian dance tunes under their belts already or are quick & motivated learners.  Our goals are to perfect our existing repertoire of springar/gangar/halling/marsj tunes, to follow up after HFAA, NFF, Mendocino and online workshops by practicing the new tunes we've learned, to improvise the occasional harmony on vals and reinlender tunes, including from the HFAA Samspel tunebook, to tackle tunings other than ADAE on hardingfele and vanlegfele (regular fiddle), AND most of all, to play all of it well for dancing.  Contact me if this more or less describes your goals too! 

Club news

We meet Thursday mornings, 11 to noon online, with a different geographic focus each week, cycling through our repertoire from Hallingdal, Setesdal, Valdres, Vestlandet, Telemark, Numedal, Finnskogen, Røros & Gudbrandsdal as well as some Runddans or other Norwegian tunes.  We had a very successful and fun weekend retreat in November 2022, and are planning another in 2023.


I've gathered audio, video, dance info and sheet music for our tunes from each geographical region on its own page.  These pages require a password and are for club members only.  Contact me if you have questions or are interested in joining us!

1. Telemark & Numedal Marsj, Springar & Gangar/Halling

2. Hallingdal & Setesdal: Marsj, Hallingspringar, Laus (Halling) & Setesdal Gangar

3. Valdres: Marsj, Springar & Halling

4. Vestlandet: Marsj, Springar & Rudl/Halling, and a few Shetland or Shetland-inspired tunes

5. Røros & Gudbrandsdal: Pols, Springleik & Halling (regular fiddle)

6. Finnskogen: Halling & Pols (regular fiddle)

7. Runddans (pan-Norwegian): Vals, Reinlender, Polka, Masurka, coming soon

Weekly Hardingfele Club Repertoire Review Lists

Telemark/Numedal part 1 
1 Kølteguten, springar
2 Agerhusen, springar
3 Tømmerkjøyraren, springar
4 Veneflamma, springar
5 Halling etter Eivind Spellemann
6 Kjerringa på Tinn, gangar
7 Gvannesen, gangar

Telemark/Numedal 2  
1 Knut Eilefsen, springar
2 Valdreskvelven, springar
3 Haslebusken, springar
4 Halling etter Hølje Landsverk
5 Hopparen, halling 
6 Spelemannshaugen, gangar
7 Fossegrimen, halling
8 Till Bjørn, springar av Even Tråen

Hallingdal & Setesdal (ADAE and GDAE)
1 Reiselåt fra Nes
2 Reiselått etter Tor Grimsgard
3 Leinen, springar
4 Sølve-Knut, springar
5 Halvbror til Reven, Setesdal gangar
6 Trulseguten, halling
7 Ivar Jore = Jeger-Sjugurd springar

1 Storeskøltin, springar 
2 Springar etter Torgeir Hegge
3 Øskesekken, springar 
4 Gjenta med garde, halling
Fanteladda, springar
6 Hansegardsspringar
Teiga-Berit springar
Halling etter Ola Okshovd
9 Bruremarsj frå Vang

10 Søraurdalsmarsjen

Vestland 1
1 Bestefarslåtten, springar
2 Stårøyguten, springar
3 Nordfjordhallingen
4 Rudl etter Mosafinn
5 Halling etter Mosafinn
6 Rudl etter Anders Kjerland
7 Urheimen, rudl

Vestland 2
1 Bruremarsj etter Mosafinn
2 Brureslag etter Ivar Fuglestad
3 Gammal Springar etter Ivar Fuglestad
4 Springar etter Skrangle Jens 
5 Ljøsno-Hallingen
6 Har du ikkje hoppa, so hoppa du vel no, rudl
7 Halling etter Anders Nedrelid

Runddans/Gammeldans 1 (ADAE and AEAE)  
1 Ringnesen, reinlender
2 Treskarens vals av Georg Brobakken
3 Imeland og Grimeland, reinlender
4 Water Lily/Tjønneblomen, vals av Gjermund Haugen (arr. L Hart)  
5 Linerla, reinlender etter Lars Skjervheim
6 Parisarpolka etter Harald Steindal
7 Reinlender etter Tor Homleid 
8 Vals etter Harald Modalen  

Runddans/Gammeldans 2 (ADAE and GDAE)  
1 Bringebær reinlender
2 Fantevalsen 
3 Kom Til Mei i Kvelden, reinlender
4 Vossavalsen 
5 Griffenfelt/Griffenfeld, reinlender 
6 Gammal Norsk Masurka  
7 Adam uti paradis, reinlender 
8 Finnjenta vals  

Springleik (FDAE) and Rørospols (ADAE)
1 Tussgubben, springleik av Hans W. Brimi  
2 Tjukkrustdagen, springleik av Hans W. Brimi
3 Jo Torstugun, springleik
4 Leken hinnes Karolina Wicklund, Rørospols
5 Litjbrekkingen, Rørospols
6 I  Bryllupsgården, Rørospols etter Einar Galaaen
7 Martnaspols etter Magne Haugom

Rørospols (ADAE) and Fanitullen (AEAC#)  
1 Amerikaturen, Rørospols
2 Pols till Wenche, Brekken pols
3 Pols e Anund Roheim = Jostein Nytroens pols fra Vingelen
4 Rørospols e Anund Roheim, sometimes called I Bryllupsgården
5 Steffaleken = Leken hass Steffen Henningsgård, Rørospols
6 Fanitullen (arr. L Hart), halling

Finnskogen, short 3rd beat pols/polska & a halling
1. Polska från Norra Finnskoga, Värmland
2. Pols nr 844 fra Elverum, Hedmark
3. Polskdans nr 814 fra Finnskogen
4. Kvekfanten runddom
5. Rendalspolsk 
6. Neverskopolska från Värmland
7. Rundom etter Østerdølenes Spellmanslag
8. Halling etter Halteguten


Dance Tempos, faster to slower

6/8 per dotted quarter, or 2/4 per quarter note:  

  • Halling/Laus 100-108  
  • Setesdalsgangar 96-100 
  • Numedalsgangar 92-96  
  • Telegangar 88-90  
  • Rudl/Rull 80-84  
  • Marsj 69  

3/4 per quarter note (but set metronome to one third of this speed for uneven springars, ie 42 instead of 126, marking the first beat of each bar):  

  • Hallingspringar 140 (47) -145  
  • Vestlandspringar 135-145 (even beat, so no need to beat once per bar)  
  • Valdresspringar 135 (45) -140  
  • Telespringar 125 (42) -132