Traditional fiddling in many styles


I  play traditional dance music of Europe and North America, especially Québec, Scandinavia, Ireland, France and the contradance music of Northeastern USA.  My instruments are violin (fiddle), Norwegian Hardanger fiddle (hardingfele) and Swedish keyed-fiddle (nyckelharpa).  Click on the orange arrow below for short previews of 3 tracks from my albums, and 3 from my next project.

Discover new music on this redesigned and expanded website 

Now you can hear samples and buy downloads of any track from my 8 albums and 3 instructional albums, as well as CDs you can hold in your hands.  I'm gradually adding more videos, sheet music, articles, a career retrospective and previously-unpublished audio tracks as well.  I welcome you to spend some time poking around here, and let me know what you think in the Guestbook.

photo credits on this page: black/white blouse Kathy Morris, orange dress Dave Davies, hardingfele & harpa Dave Nutter

photo credits on this page: black/white blouse Kathy Morris, orange dress Dave Davies, hardingfele & harpa Dave Nutter


You can study all three instruments with me in private lessons, either at my house in Ithaca, New York USA, or via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime from anywhere.  I love to teach adults and kids age 10 and up.  Many of my students are professional fiddlers and teachers themselves, and we have fun playing together and working on tricky tunes and new styles of playing.  I also love showing brand new beginners how to hold a fiddle and assemble their first notes into a tune, and teaching students at every level in between. 

Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition project news  

I recorded a lot of tracks for volumes 4 and 5 of my Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition series (ScanFidTrad or SFT for short) on a fantastic summer trip to Sweden, Norway & Finland in 2015 (here's my photo diary). I've done more recording in Western Massachusetts and at Electric Wilburland Studio here in Ithaca.  Although I have some more solo Hardanger fiddle and regular fiddle recording left to do before the albums are finished and released, I'm sharing a taste of volume 4 & 5 now for the first time (the last 3 tracks on the audio player this page, and more if you follow links FOUR and FIVE).  I'm quite excited by the project!  

The SFT tunebooks  are still a long, long way from publication, but I continue to transcribe tunes, lately focussing on the Hardanger fiddle repertoire.  If you are looking for sheet music for a melody from the first 3 CDs of the series (or from any of my recordings or videos on this website), I will be posting them soon.  You could contact me to get them sooner.