Dancing on the Air, Jay Ungar's Radio Show, with Paul Marchand 2004 

Dancing on the Air Radio Show 


Paul Marchand and I are guests on Jay Ungar and Molly Mason’s radio show on WAMC. We play a couple tunes as a duo, then are joined by the Dancing on the Air orchestra for a Shetland medley and get enrolled in a strange experiment involving a slip jig and the 12-bar blues. The show ranges from sublime airs to ridiculous radio banter with Jay, and includes jigs and reels not on our CDs (Foxhunter’s slip jig and reel, Full Rigged Ship, New Rigged Ship), as well as a version of Marsch i säng, which is also on our CD Cobbler’s Dream. (30 min., exerpts from original 2 hour show)

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